Snow Days Are Fun?

"It doesn't show signs of stopping

And I've brought some corn for popping

The lights are turned way down low

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.."

Mannheim Steamroller

Waking up to tranquil silence and a soft white glow peeking in from the blinds, I call that heaven. I used to and still love when it snows. It's nostalgia that sets in right away taking me back to the first time I built a snowdog (big dog fans here so...) with my baby. I lie in bed reminiscing those moments, her giggles, the snow angels, the snow balls and what not.

But reality calls and I have to get up check to the websites - news, school districts, communication with the team members etc.

"Is it safe to travel in this weather? What do the experts say? How will this affect our parent community?"

Checking all the boxes is a difficult task but you endeavor to make a suitable decision.

In a carefree world getting snowed in would be so romantic and calming but with our busy lives juggling family and work it becomes an ordeal.

The schools, childcare facilities have declared a snow day!

Now begins the nightmare for the parents. They have to find alternate childcare, commute to work in unsafe conditions and miss the chance of enjoying special moments with their children ( I am a strong believer of 'these tiny special moments is what makes life so special')

But worry not my fellow comrades!

We peasants live in Beautiful British Columbia and

"In British Columbia, you have up to five unpaid days for family responsibility leave," says Debby Carreau, CEO of Inspired HR.

I urge you so desperately make use of those days!

Stay safe and collect as many tiny moments you can with the little ones and add them to your treasure trove.


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